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Made in the USA

Designed and manufactured in the United States of America

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No fillers and proprietary blends with no fillers or artificial ingredients.

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3rd Party Tested to ensure purity and consisten high quality.

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I bought this couple months and I must say they were fast on sending me the ketones. Right away I had an email sent to me by Island Vibrance, providing me all the information that I need to know. They were so helpful, honest and professional. And normally, I'd never write a review for anything but I am so happy with their service it was needed! Thank you so much for your wonderful service 🙂Janet Nguyen
- Amazon
Ok so I waited for a while before submitting my review because I really wanted time enough to use the product. Not only did I love how well it worked i really liked the follow up from the company (even though i didn't reply to them) they made me feel like my purchase mattered to them and I wasn't just a $ sign.ahippieadventure
- Amazon
Within a week, my normally short, brittle nails grew!! I'm feeling less tired. Best vitamin!
Rachel Lynn Morgan
- Amazon
These are the best BCAAs I have ever used. Several of the competitor BCAA capsules out there do not include L-Glutamine which I think is super important to include. These BCAAs make my muscles repair much faster after my workout.  Alex Barberi
- Amazon
Loved! My husband and I took these after we played tennis, we slept like champs. Normally I can’t sleep that well after I work out, but these totally helped. I immediately could tell the difference, faster recovery, and I didn’t feel as sore as I normally did the next day. I definitely recommend, so much so I even gave some to my Dad after a long climbing trip and now he will be ordering his own bottle.  Lisa
- Amazon
My doctor informed me of my low testosterone levels which was effecting my mood and energy, my choices were taking a shot which requires yes, taking a shot which I despise, or taking a supplement. I opted for the supplement and it's worked out well for me. In a short period of time my testosterone levels are almost back to normal, I feel better, my wife tells me I am in a better mood and have more energy... Read MoreJakedawg
- Amazon
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